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How To Plan An Escape Route

Every family in the United States of America should plan a fire escape route for their home. Even if you think your home will never catch on fire, it is essential to make sure you know your way out in an emergency. It is also essential to put this plan into practice and test it out on a regular basis. This is especially essential for young families who have young children and senior citizens.

When you plan your fire escape route, go through your home. If you have one Read more »

Fire-proofing Your Home

Nowadays there are many different ways you can help protect your home from a fire. Most ADT security systems come equipped with heat and smoke sensors and you can find smoke detectors in your local hardware store sometimes for as little as 15. However, if you’re looking for some tips about things you can do in your daily life to minimize the risk of a fire then continue reading.

If you don’t have smoke detectors installed on every level of your home, then that needs to change immediately. And be sure to test them monthly and put in new batteries once a year so that they continue to do their job. If you’re a smoker then you’ll want to make sure you thoroughly douse any cigarette and/or cigar butts with water before tossing them in the trash. Always double-check the stovetops and hot irons if you’ve used them recently and make sure that you never leave them on. Candles can be a nice mood-setter for the any room but you should never leave a candle or an open flame unattended.

Any firefighter will tell you that all big fires start with one little flame. Be careful, be meticulous about your actions and be safe.