The Three Different Types Of Fire

In order to know what type of fire extinguisher to purchase, one must know the kind of fire that he or she will be trying to put out. There are three basic types of fires. The first kind of fire is an ordinary combustible fire. Fires like this include things such as plastics, woods, cloth, rubber, and many of the items found in the household garbage. This type of fire is fairly easy to manage and usually just requires the oxygen to be removed to stop it.

The second type of fire is an electrical fire. These occur from short circuits and overloaded electrical cables. They are very dangerous because they can cause deadly shocks as well as burns. They are usually put out with carbon dioxide or a powered extinguisher.

The final kind of fire is a kitchen fire. These are fires that occur when someone is cooking and the cooking oil spills onto the eye of the stove or one of the burners. Appropriate fire extinguishers or baking soda and suffocation may be used to put out these fires. Also, a process called. Saponification can be used. It is the process of producing soap with fats and lye.

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