How To Plan An Escape Route

Every family in the United States of America should plan a fire escape route for their home. Even if you think your home will never catch on fire, it is essential to make sure you know your way out in an emergency. It is also essential to put this plan into practice and test it out on a regular basis. This is especially essential for young families who have young children and senior citizens.

When you plan your fire escape route, go through your home. If you have one floor, your plan will be much easier, but you need to have your plan cover getting out to the front and the back doors in case either door is blocked. When you have a home that is on a second story, you need to make sure that you are able to get from the second story floor to the first story and out the door in the event of an emergency, or at the very least, you are able to climb out of the window if a door is blocked with fire. This can be done by purchasing an emergency fire chain.

When you go to design your plan, take note of all obstacles that are in the way. Make sure any doors and windows in your house can be reached in a reasonable amount of time. Ensure that all stairs are free from anything on them, and don’t stack things up on stairs.

It’s important to make sure that you practice your escape route on a regular basis, especially if you have young children. Make sure that your smoke detectors are installed and work every six months. When it’s time to check the smoke detector, that’s when it’s time to test the escape route, too. Adjustments can be made to the escape route as you and your children determine is best. Remember, the most important thing is staying safe and escaping whatever the trouble is.

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